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Are you a youtube lover and like to watch videos by different content creators? If yes, then you surely have watched videos of Darren Watkins Jr. commonly known as iShowSpeed, Speedy and Speed. iShowSpeed is a youtube content creator from America who uploads gaming videos and funny clips. On Youtube, iShowSpeed has more than 10 million subscribers. Whereas, on TikTok, this notable content creator has a fanbase of above 7 million. At such a young age, he has achieved huge success and is earning more than 1 lakh dollars per month.

Now, you might have a question regarding the age of this eminent personality. So, what is the age of iShowSpeed? When did he start his Youtube Channel? When did he get success in this field? Let’s figure out every answer.

How old is iShowSpeed?

iShowSpeed was born on 21st January 2005 in Cincinnati, OH. So, he is presently 17 years old, that’s quite surprising. Now, the question arises if he is currently 17 years old then when did he start his youtube channel? Did he start his youtube channel in his childhood or did his parents start and handle a channel for him? So, let’s ward off this confusion.

Darren Watkins also called iShowSpeed started his youtube channel in 2016. He loves to play games that’s why he started posting gaming videos. His live game streaming videos were truly liked by people. Through his video and daily new content, he got more than 1 million subscribers in just a few days. iShow Speed has 1k+ videos on his youtube channel and most of them have gained millions of views.

Personal Life of iShowSpeed

A plethora of people from all over the world want to know about the personal life of iShowSpeed, a notable media face and a social media star. So, let us tell you that the real or you can say the full name of iShowSpeed is Darren Watkins Jr. iShowSpeed is currently 17 years old and is studying in high school. Although is a student, he hates studying that can be clearly viewed in his youtube videos. iShowSpeed belongs to the Christian religion and his nationality is American.

Talking about his family, he has a father, mother and two younger siblings in his family. He hasn’t shared any video with his parents on any of the social media platforms but it has been found that his father does a job in the city and his mother is a housewife. Apart from that, he hasn’t disclosed the names of his siblings but the only information we have is that he has one sister and one brother. iShowSpeed is unmarried and is single now. However, in the past, he had a girlfriend named Ermony Renee with whom he was planning to marry in the future. However, because of some reason, they both got separated and now Ermony Renee is not more than just an ex to him. The photos and videos of iShowSpeed with his girlfriend can be seen on various social media platforms.

iShowSpeed: Physical appearance and body measurements

iShowspeed is 5’9’’ inches long which is 175 centimeters. His body weight is 61kg. He has black curly hair but the length of his hair is short. His eye color is dark brown. He is a tattoo lover which can be predicted by seeing tattoos on his arm.

iShowSpeed Net Worth

So, what do you think will be the net worth of iShowSpeed? How much this teenage guy is earning from youtube? As of 2022, he has a net worth of $4 million. Yes, it is all because of the daily new and unique content he posts on youtube. It is just because of his constant hard work that his youtube channel reaches millions of subscribers from thousands within a short span of time. Not only from youtube, but he is also earning from TikTok, other social media platforms, brand promotions and collaborations as well. He is earning so much at just a little age, it seems incredible and unbelievable, right? Well, it’s true!

Interesting facts about iShowSpeed

Want to get more information about iShowSpeed? Read these amazing facts about him:

  • iShowSpeed has his own website where he sells clothes.
  • iShowSpeed has currently 3.5 million followers on Instagram.
  • He loves to get tattoos designed on his arms.
  • He loves to play football and basketball and plays both in his leisure time.
  • Here is another interesting fact about iShowSpeed. He was banned from Twitter because of defying terms and conditions.
  • He spares his quality time traveling with his family.
  • Some sources have sown that iShowSpeed has a daughter.
  • For relaxation, iShowSpeed plays with soft toys at home.

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Q1) What is the real name of iShowSpeed? 

Ans) The real name of iShowSpeed is Darren Watkins Jr.

Q2) What is the height of iShowSpeed? 

Ans) iShowSpeed is 5 feet 8 inches tall.

Q3) How old is iShowSpeed? 

Ans) iShowSpeed is presently 17 years old.

Q4) Does iShowSpeed really have a daughter? 

Ans) Some sources have proved that he has a daughter but isn’t cleared yet.

Q5) is iShowSpeed currently in a relationship? 

Ans) iShowSpeed hasn’t disclosed anything about his current partner, so nothing could be said about his present relationship.

Q6) Where does iShowSpeed live? 

Ans) iShowSpeed lives in Ohio, USA.


So, at a very young age, iShowSpeed made his identity in the entire world. He made his hobby his career and is gaining immense success with each passing day.

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