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What is 800-357-1509? Know the Reality Behind It


In this digital era, scam is at its peak nowadays. You might also have received many calls from unknown numbers. If you pick such calls and share your personal details, you will get scammed. Hence, you need to be aware.

One phone number that is highly in limelight is 800-357-1509, an unknown phone number. A plethora of people have received calls from this number. Well, what is the mystery behind it? Is this a scam call? Let’s discover.

What is 800-357-1509?

The phone number 800-357-1509 is a scam number which has been reported by a myriad of individuals worldwide. Many people have checked this number on truecaller but it showed up as a number of a government agency. However, it is not true and is just a trick so that people will be convinced to answer the call. Once the call is answered, the person on the other side will ask some personal questions to scam you.

What Happens If You Receive Answer a Call From 800-357-1509?

If you answer a call from 800-357-1509 mistakenly, what will happen? Has someone experienced it? Well, yes! Many people have answered calls from this number and have experienced the same situation.

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As per their experience, it was reported that when they received a call, someone said ‘hello’ from the other end. When they responded to his ‘hello’, the person tried to do a monetary scan with them by asking for personal information by claiming that he belongs to the Social Security Administration Department from a government agency. The person on the phone tried to convince people to renew their bank card by asking their account details and pin. Many people shared their details and got scammed. So, be careful and don’t share your details with an unknown person.

Is Answering a Call from 800-357-1509?

Not at all! As mentioned earlier, receiving this robocall or scam call is not at all safe. This will lead to monetary scam and you will end up regretting answering a call. Therefore, don’t pick up a call from an unrecognized phone number and make sure not to disclose any personal information if you want to be on the safer side.

How to Avoid Scam Calls?

If you want to avoid getting scammed from unknown numbers like 800-357-1509, you need to check the pointers given below:

  • Avoid answering calls from the numbers you don’t recognize and that seem suspicious.
  • In case you answer a call from an unknown number, make sure not to disclose any personal information related to your bank accounts, OTPs, Pins and passwords.
  • If someone demands personal information, you cut the phone call and don’t receive it again.
  • Report suspicious calls to the Federal Trade Commission(FTC).
  • If someone is asking to make a payment, just block the number.
  • In order to avoid scam calls, you can also use a number of services such as Nomorobo to block such junk calls.

Summing Up

To sum up, scamming is not difficult nowadays and is increasing at a rapid rate. Well, the majority of scams happen on phone calls. Therefore, be careful and avoid receiving junk calls. We hope this article will help you save yourself from getting scammed.



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